NAFD Code of Practice

NAFD Code of Practice

Your choice of funeral director may be determined by many factors. For example, previous experience, the advice of friends or perhaps a professional advisor. However your choice is made, it would be wise to select a funeral director who is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors. The NAFD ensures their members comply with the Association’s Code of Practice, which was drawn up in conjunction with the Office of Fair Trading. Many safeguards for the client are contained within the code and all members have to meet certain standards. Geoff Leather Independent Funeral Directors are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Code of Practice Principles

As a condition of Membership of the National Association of Funeral Directors, we agree to comply with the principles and the details of this Code of Practice:
  • To observe strictly the confidence of every client at all times.
  • To observe at all times the basic rights of clients as customers.
  • To render good service at all times and makes fair charges in respect of services rendered and merchandise supplied.
  • To ensure that advertising is always in good taste. No sensational, offensive or misleading advertising is permitted.
  • To provide clients with full and fair information about services. To have readily available price lists covering the BASIC FUNERAL and all other types of coffins, caskets and services provided.
  • To display in the public area of our premises, price lists which will show both the total price for the funeral service and the cost of principal constituent items.
  • To give a written estimate of all funeral charges and disbursements to be made on the client’s behalf, together with a written confirmation of the funeral arrangements, in each and every case as soon as is practicable before the day of the funeral. No contractual agreement will have been entered into until this has been accepted by the client.
  • To provide all clients with an itemised account in a form readily comparable with the estimate.
  • To refrain from soliciting funeral orders or offering or giving any reward for recommendation to persons or organisations such as health service establishments, nursing homes or coroners’ offices etc.
  • To display to the general public the Association’s Logo to demonstrate observance of this Code of Practice.
  • To co-operate at all times with Trading Standards Officers, Citizens Advice Bureaux, consumer support groups and any other body or organisation representing clients in the resolution of complaints or disputes.
  • To partake in and abide by the Conciliation, Independent Arbitration and Disciplinary procedures of the Association in the resolution of any complaints or disputes between a client and Funeral Director.
  • To abide by the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of the Association in the resolution of any complaints arising from disputes between a client and funeral director(s).
This code and adherence hereto is monitored by the National Association of Funeral Directors.


“From start to finish out entire experience with the staff at Taylor’s was faultless. They were extremely professional, compassionate and no request was too much trouble. They made the whole process so easy for us as a family and I cant recommend them enough.l” Lucy