Coffins and Urns

Coffins and Urns

There are many styles of coffin and ashes casket to choose from. You may decide to have a traditional wooden coffin or something more unique.

We can show you what is available and guide you through your decisions.

Traditional Coffins

Traditional coffins are usually made from a wood such as Oak or Mahogany and may be finished with different polishes or veneers.  They have brass coloured fixtures and handles and are fully lined.

Alternative Coffins

Many more environmentally-friendly coffin options are also now availble although are a little more unusual. These include coffins made from Bamboo, Willow or Wicker

Caskets and Urns

Caskets and Urns come in a variety of materials including Wood, Matal, Stone and Porcelain. There are also a range of biodegradable caskets available if you want to bury the ashes.

If you are planning to scatter the ashes soon after the funeral you can also ask us to loan you a suitable urn to hold the ashes for the short interim period. 

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Coffins & Urns

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“A thoroughly professional and caring service provided by Richard Myers and his team for my mother’s funeral. Nothing was too much trouble and made a difficult time much easier. Plenty of communication as we weren’t on the Island. A first Class Service . Mant thanks and Appreciation ” Christine & Danny