Flowers & Donations

Funeral flowers

Flowers are associated with funerals as a way of paying tribute to the deceased and expressing sympathy to the deceased’s friends and family.

There are a wide variety of different funeral flower arrangements and you can choose specific types of flowers or colours, perhaps in line with the preference of the deceased. There are many types of arrangements available from bespoke designs, coffin sprays and sympathy sprays to wreaths, bouquets, shaped and specialist tributes.

We can give advice on ordering funeral flowers and can also record or collect the card messages for you as a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Mourners attending the funeral may also bring flowers along to the service, but in some cases families specify that they want to restrict floral tributes to just the immediate family.


Charitable donations

Many people prefer charitable donations in lieu of flowers. People usually select a charity relating to the deceased for example, a local hospice that they stayed at, or a charity linked to their cause of death. If you are unsure about who to choose, you can donate money to more than one charity. We will be able to offer some advice.

Our service includes compiling a list of donors and the amount donated, for cash or cheque payments we can also receive the donations and forward the funds to your chosen charities. Electronic payments can often be donate directly to the charity more cost effectively but donors can still let us know the amount and we can add them to the list of donations.

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