Type of funeral

Choosing between cremation or burial

The first choice people usually make is about the type of funeral service that will take place. Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, we will be there to make all the arrangements on your behalf.

Some things to consider about a burial:

  • You may already have a family grave or plot. We can arrange for this to be reopened and the headstone to be removed and stored before burial.
  • In some areas, burial space may be limited or may be very expensive.
  • You might want to pre-purchase several plots or a large plot if you or your family want to be buried close by.
  • Woodland burials are now very popular. We can organise woodland burials at various sites on the island.
  • You can hold the funeral service in a local church of your denomination, in a cemetery chapel or, for non-religious ceremonies, we can advise on a suitable location. 
  • After the burial you will need to consider if you want a memorial headstone, or a new inscription on an existing headstone.

For all burials there are fees involved that could include the following:

  • Cost to purchase a new grave.
  • Opening or re-opening an existing grave.
  • Removal and replacement of any existing memorials, headstones, etc.
  • An exclusive right of burial.

We can also give you advice on choosing a memorial and any local regulations you should know about.

Some things to consider about a cremation:

  • It can cost less than a burial.
  • The funeral service can be held at the crematorium.
  • The service may also take place in a church or another location before going to the crematorium.
  • There will be a strict time limit for the length of the service at the crematorium. If available, a double session can be booked if deemed necessary.
  • You will need to decide the final resting place of the ashes. You can keep the ashes in an urn, scatter or bury them.
  • If you are planning to scatter the ashes soon after the cremation we can loan you a suitable urn or casket.

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“From start to finish out entire experience with the staff at Taylor’s was faultless. They were extremely professional, compassionate and no request was too much trouble. They made the whole process so easy for us as a family and I cant recommend them enough.” Lucy